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Welp, That Couldn’t Have Ended Any Worse


Weird, Bruins Can’t Close Series; Leafs Force Game 7

B’s Come Back Late, Win in Shootout

Team 1 2 3 SO F
BOSTON 0 0 1 1 2
NEW JERSEY 0 1 0 0 1

The more Bruins v. Devils games I watch the more I’m beginning to think this isn’t just another game in the season but more or less an underrated rivalry. The games are always intense, chippy and play always carries over into the next meeting.

Last night the Bruins came back late down 1-0 in the third to not only tie the game but then go on to win in a shootout and maintain their position as the number one team in the Eastern Conference.

New Jersey took the play to the Bruins early and it was evident that the B’s had played the previous night and the Devils had just been hanging out in Boston since Sunday night. But just how the Gleason fight turned the momentum for Carolina on Monday night in the first, Shawn Thornton dropping the mitts with Krys Barch gave the Bruins a momentum swing.

…at this point I don’t know what I’m more excited about. The B’s 5-0-1 record or the fact they have played six games and have a total of six fights. Just going back to their roots of the Big Bad Bruins..

The B’s, who killed their first 24 power-plays of the season, were finally beat on the PP. David Clarkson re-directed a shot from the point past Rask to put the Devils in the lead.

New Jersey took a 1-0 lead into the third and as time in the period dwindled the game had that awkward feeling, where Boston kept getting chances but nothing was going to amount from it.

Well that changed when the Horton, Krejci, Lucic line broke-in to the Devils zone. Krejci left a drop pass for Horton (3) who beat Hedberg through the wickets to tie the game 1-1 with 4:05 left in the third.

Overtime didn’t solve anything so the game went to a shootout.

Now lets for a second just talk about how studly Tyler Seguin is. He leads off the shootout for the Bruins and some clown in the stands throws a hot dog on to the ice during the shootout attempt. Although Hedberg never saw it he still complained and Seguin had to make a second attempt at the shootout. Obviously scoring again.

Kovalchuck scored for the Devils on their first attempt evening the score 1-1 after the first round. The next four shooters for each team were denied by the goal tenders. It was Brad Marchand who squeaked one past Hedberg, Rask made a stop on the following attempt and the Bruins left with a win.

Next up is Buffalo at home on Thursday, which should be a dandy.

Still Alive, Seguin Scored in OT

Team 1 2 3 OT Total
Bruins 2 0 1 1 4
Capitals 1 1 1 0 3

(Hand over heart) tick, tick, tick. OK, I’m still alive. I thought for a second there I was going to have a heart attack. Got to give credit to this club, when they have their nuts pinned to the wall they always seem to find a way to get out of it and keep the series going.

In a win or go home situation in Game 6 in Washington the Bruins came out on top 4-3 in overtime on a Tyler Seguin goal.

Rich Peverley (3) the Bruins offensive threat this series got the scoring started when he netted a goal 5:56 into the first period.

After Mike Green tied the game 1-1, the Bruins did the unthinkable. David Krejci (1) tipped a puck past Holtby for get this, A POWER PLAY GOAL. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself.

When it looked like the Bruins were going to get out of the second period hanging on to their 2-1 lead, Jason Chimera, scored with 42 seconds left in the period. After he knocked Marchand down at the blue line on a non-call play to send the Caps down the ice on an odd-man rush.

The Bruins put themselves ahead in the third when, after a shot on goal there was a puck loose in the slot for non other than Andrew Ference (1) to shelf and give the Bruins the lead. Go ahead Andy, do your thing

He didn’t really do that, well this year he didn’t…yet.

Don’t worry Bruins fans, the team kept the blood pressure up when Ovechkin ripped a wrist shot from the top of the circle beating Timmy five-hole (can’t go a game without seeing him) to tie the game 3-3.

So here we are, 3-3 in overtime with the season on the line. It took the Bruins just 3 shots on goal in overtime to get what they needed. Seguin (1) beat Holtby 3:17 into the overtime period.

So Tyler, what were you trying to do on that goal? (His thoughts start at 1:40)

B’s Lose Emotions and Game

For the second time in just under a week the Bruins took on the Hurricanes, this time at a different venue. It marked the return of Tomas Kaberle to Boston since winning the Cup with the Bruins last season. Who cares.

So I was writing down what was going on last night as the game was being played. Pretty much all you need to know is the B’s were trailing 1-0 after a Anothony Stewart (2) at just 2:47 of the first period. Boston carried the play in the first period, the Canes were carried by the great play of goalie Cam Ward who made six or seven point-blank saves on the ten shots he faced in the period.

The B’s didn’t come out as strong in the second period as they only registered 6 shots on goal. Joni Pitkanen (2) scored at 10:19 of the second period.

Then it was all down hill from there.

Now, before I get into this whole debacle I would like to say that all of the penalties were not the ref’s fault. Anyone out there who is saying oh the ref’s cost the Bruins the game last night, your crazy. Am I going to blame the ref’s, partially only because some of the calls just didn’t make sense.

So the B’s are down 2-0 and all night long they had been trying to pick fights but the Hurricanes weren’t really having it. Then after a basic freezing of the puck by Cam Ward, Horton starts pushing a player in front of the net, Chara comes to his defense and pretty much tosses Jay Harrison around like a rag doll trying to get him to fight. After the ref’s finally break it up, Cam Ward gets in Chara’s face prompting Tuukka to skate down the ice and join the party.

This is where the B’s began to shoot themselves in the foot. Tuukka goes all the way down the ice to pretty much as Cam Ward if he wants to go out for ice cream after the game, they don’t fight but because Rask crossed center-ice he gets two minutes for leaving the crease. Tuukka, if you’re going to skate all the way down the ice to fight, at least try and start a fight, your already getting a penalty.

Horton got two minutes for roughing and Chara gets two for instigating, five for fighting and a ten minute misconduct. B’s kill off the 5 on 3 but now they lose Chara until about 8 minutes left in the third.

Then all hell breaks loose in the third.

Peverley scores on the POWER-PLAY (I know crazy, right) and the Bruins seem to be back in the game. Peverley’s goal came when the Bruins got a man advantage after Kelly fights Sutter, Lucic and Gleason (who was being a bitch all night long) get roughing penalties and Bryan Allen also gets two for roughing.

Gleason comes out of the box after the goal, Horton tries to fight him and he (Gleason) turtles as Horton keeps throwing punches, which he should know better to do so when the other guy drops the gloves. Horton gets a double minor and ten minute misconduct…bye bye Horton.

:19-seconds later, Chara gets a questionable high-sticking call, as Chara is being sent to the box, Marchand puts his hand in Skinners face and he gets a ten minute misconduct?? That one I don’t get, not even a minor penalty, just nice legs Marchand take a walk.

:21 seconds after this happens, Seidenberg gets two minutes for boarding. Now the B’s have like six guys in the penalty box, there’s about 7 minutes left in the game and Seidenberg’s penalty doesn’t start until two of the other penalties already on the board are up.

Then for good measure, Lucic skates into Gleason during a stoppage in play and he gets ten minutes and sent to the showers, followed buy a beer shower from the Garden faithful, giving an additional two minute penalty.

Oh yeah, Claude got thrown out a some point in this mess too.

The Bruins are mostly to blame for this, hockey (well, sports in general) is about keeping your emotions in check, the Bruins did not last night. Although the ref’s did let the game get away from them and it seemed like after the first big fight the only penalty call that made sense was ten minute major’s.

Bruins play, unbeaten Toronto at home on Thursday.

One More Game

Tonight was game #106 for both teams on the season. It was the Bruins who took it to the Canucks, earning their third win of the series and evening-up the series at 3-3.

Boston got on Luongo and the Canucks early and often as they set a Finals record by scoring four goals in 4:14 and took a 4-0 lead after the first period and never looked back. Marchand (9), Lucic (5), Ference (4) and Ryder (8) had the goals for the B’s in the first period.

Master of the crease, Roberto Luongo, seemed to have a flat tire tonight and was pulled after the third goal of the game.
…2:35 mark. Keep talking Luongo. Go ahead run your mouth, poke the bear. See where it gets you.

The Stanley Cup Finals, has now turned into the Super Bowl. It is one game, just one win for either team will give them the greatest trophy is all of sport.

How about Daniel Sedin just taking punches from Brad Marchand, like a little bitch. Dude, its the Cup Finals act like you want to be out there and ohh I don’t know…win the thing. But hey, no sweat off my back if you don’t want to win.

If you are the Bruins you need to do the same thing. Luongo is going to be in net and you need to get on him early and often. The entire city of Vancouver is ready to rip Luongo apart. If Boston strikes for an early goal the boo-birds will be reigning down from the rafters from Canucks fans.

Season ends on Wednesday night, I can’t wait. Its going to be a battle.

B’s Can’t Close..Shocking

Let me guess Claude, if it weren’t for the three goals Tampa scored after taking a 2-1 lead you guys would have been all set tonight. Am I right??

The team reflects the coaching. When the coach says “we got two games to win one” that essentially means, we got no shot at winning game six.

While Claude was busy planning for game seven and waving a Belichick on the jumbo tron, the Lightning were preparing for a hockey game to keep their Cup hopes alive in game six.

Well, Claude. I got news for you.

So here we are…again, headed to a game seven.

Let me guess, game seven will start and the Bruins will be down 1-0 right out of the gate because apparently that is the only way they know how to play in these Eastern Conference Finals. Got to let Tampa score in the first minute otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair.

Or better yet, the Bruins will go up big, like 4-1 in the first period, then blow it because they think once they get any sort of lead there is no reason to keep the lead. Then lose a heartbreaker in overtime.

The B’s did show resiliency and desperation by not allowing Tampa to run away with the game. At the same time, it didn’t help that the Bruins went up 2-1, then gave up three. Once they were down 4-2, they scored to make it 4-3 but immediately gave up a goal and had to battle to make it a 5-4 game.

The only player who gets props tonight is David Krejci. You scored the most unexciting hat-trick in the history of the Bruins. I mean, he tipped in a goal to make the game 5-4 and I was pumped that it was a one goal game. Along with the fact I had realized it was his third goal. But hey, they were still losing. And at this point in the season, a hat-trick isn’t exciting unless your team is winning.

I said before the series started, the Bruins are going to lose in seven games on a heartbreaker in overtime. Boy, I still hope I’m wrong. But we’ll find out Friday night.

Rangers End B’s Win Streak

Krejci Deflated After Loss

Well the Bruins looked like shit tonight. My boy Tuukka looked like he couldn’t stop a beach ball, the team never seemed to have any flow during the game, and the back to back goals in the first period for the Rangers is what did the Bruins in.


What was with the ref’s stopping all the fights? I thought this was hockey. I mean, Mark Stuart beat the bag out of Sean Avery in the first, then the next two fights that followed were broken up just as they were about to get good. I’m not really sure what point they were trying to prove by stopping the fight’s because they were all very evenly matched.

Bruins were 1 for 6 on the Power Play and outshot the Rangers two of three periods and on the game 37-30. That still was not enough to beat one of the best in the game, Lundquvist. Horton still continues to impress every night, he has had a point in every game.

Now the B’s just need to bounce back when good ole’ friend Phil Kessel comes to town on Thursday. Hopefully Seguin will bust out some sweet moves, that will show Kessel and Toronto why this trade worked out for the Bruins.