B’s/Hawks; By the Numbers

This years Stanley Cup Finals will consist of two original six teams, the first time this has happened since 1979 when the Montreal Canadiens defeated the New York Rangers. Currently these two teams have never met in a Stanley Cup Final.

Stanley Cup History:

Boston Bruins:
Stanley Cup Champs – Six times
1928-29, 1938-39, 1940-41, 1969-70, 1971-72, 2010-11

Chicago Blackhawks:
Stanley Cup Champs – Four times
1933-34, 1937-38, 1960-61, 2009-10

This year by the numbers

28-14-6 (62 points) 131 GF, 109 GA
–4th in Eastern Conference
Power Play — 14.8% (26th overall)
Penalty Kill — 87.1% (4th overall)

Power Play — 15.6% (10 of 16)
Penalty Kill — 86.5% (6 of 16)
Record: 12-4
48 GF, 30 GA

36-7-5 (77 points) 155 GF, 102 GA
–1st in Western Conference
Power Play — 16.6% (19th overall)
Penalty Kill — 87.2% (3rd overall)

Record: 12-5
47 GF, 31 GA
Power Play — 13.7% (12 of 16)
Penalty Kill — 94.7% (1 of 16)

Who Ya Got?


Bring on the Blackhawks

Patrick Kane is a bad, bad man. Original six match-up it is. Can’t wait!!!

How Sweep It Is

Team 1 2 3 F
BOSTON 0 0 1 1

Since game 5 in the Conference Semi-Finals, cool hand Tuuk has made 162 of 165 saves. Cindy Crosby and Evgeni Malkin both posted donuts in the point column over the four games of the series. The lone goal scored in game four, deflected off of none other than Jarome Iginla’s stick thus eliminating the Pittsburgh Penguins and sending the Bruins to their second Stanley Cup appearance in three years.

Just amazing how a team, who was literally minutes away from elimination and a total rebuild of a franchise, makes one of the greatest one period come backs in playoff history and then strings off eight wins in nine games earning another chance to raise the greatest trophy in all of sports.

Game 4 in Boston Tonight, Have a Broom Close By

8 PM from TD Garden tonight, game four will get under way and the Bruins with a win will have their second shot at a Stanley Cup in three seasons.

The B’s have added the “Daug” man, Kaspars Daugavins to the line-up to replace Gregory Campbell.

For the Penguins, I honestly do not know what to expect from them tonight. The played their best game of the entire series and possibly the playoffs on Wednesday night and still came out on the short end of the stick. If your a member of the Penguins, as much as you claim its a game by game battle, the thought has to be in your head of what else can we do to win? How are we going to come back in the series? How are we going to score more than one goal?

The tension of the series has to be getting to them I would think.

I would think if the Bruins score early, which has been their M/O all series, the game/series could be over.

B’s Take 3-0 Series Lead in Double OT Thriller

Team 1 2 3 2 OT F
BOSTON 1 0 0 1 2
PITTSBURGH 0 1 0 0 1

The Pittsburgh Penguins looked like the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight. Controlling the puck, putting a lot of shots on goal and working a quality power play. The only problem is Tuukka Rask is between the pipes and is denying the Penguins any opportunity for goals. Rask made 53 saves in the Bruins 2-1 double overtime victory.

Pittsburgh dominated the face-off dot which is something they had not done in the first two games of the series. But it seemed like what ever the Penguins tied to do they could not find an answer to find some offense.

It is not the game winning goal, but the play of the game. Gregory Campbell. Takes some HUGEE stones to block a shot in the NHL, it takes bigger ones to block a shot, have your leg broken, stand your ass back up and stay in the play for an extra forty-six seconds.

The two teams will square off in game four Friday night and you got to believe the Penguins are really questioning if they have any sort of answer for this Bruins team. The leagues most high powered offense has only two goals in 10+ periods of hockey this series.

Game 3, Back in Beantown


B’s Run Penguins Out of Their Own Building

Team 1 2 3 F
BOSTON 4 0 2 6

NESNEven pilots are getting in on the Sidney Crosby bashing.

According to Joe Haggerty of, the pilot on a JetBlue flight back to Boston on Tuesday morning heard a crying baby and went on the intercom to ask if it was the Penguins captain. The flight just so happened to be filled with Boston media.

Nothing like some good ole airline fun.

Speaking of fun, it took all of 24 seconds for the Bruins Brad Marchand to take all the fun out of Consol Energy Arena during game two of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Marchands goal was the beginning of a six goal output by the B’s, thoroughly embarrassing the Penguins for the second time in as many games on their own ice.

Rask was once again phenomenal, only allowing one goal. The lone goal being one that no goalie in the NHL would stop, an absolute snip of the top corner.

Now as enjoyable as the first two games of this series has been for Bruins fans, just remember it could very easily go the other way in the next two games and there will be a whole new, best of three series to determine who will represent the East in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Game 2, B’s/Pens

After the Bruins controlled play and barely let the Penguins get into a groove in game one, the B’s will be looking to do more of the same in game two tonight.

As I sat and watched game one in its entirety, one thing I found interesting (this could just be me) but I felt like i barely heard the names of Malkin, Crosby and Iginla. Now like I said either I just wasn’t playing enough attention or the B’s did such a good job of shutting them down there was no need for the commentators to mention them.

Sure the three of them were talked about during the scrum at the end of the second period but during actual game play, its like they were invisible.

According to Vokoun was the first off the ice from the morning skate, so all signs point to him getting the go between the pipes tonight. And you can’t really fault him for game one, yes he gave up three goals but a team will never win if you don’t score at all.

Also from NESN…

2:25 p.m.: Maybe, just maybe Jaromir Jagr won’t play in Game 2. That’s the feeling of The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont, who is admittedly much smarter than yours truly.

Dupont tweeted just this just a few minutes ago, which is certainly very interesting.

“I would NOT be stunned if Julien opted NOT to suit up Jagr for Game 2.”

I guess sitting Jagr wouldn’t be an awful idea but at the same time, Seguin has played OK with the third line, better than he was playing on the first line. And if you do sit Jagr and move Seguin to the first line, who gets promoted…Daugavans? Soderberg?