B’s Score Two on PP, Keep the Pucks. Boston Wins 8-1

After a total cheap shot on a play when Nathan Horton didn’t have the puck and got blind-sided by Aaron Rome it began a rally cry for the Bruins. The best thing that could have happened to Rome was that he was tossed from the game because Shawn Thornton might have killed him.

I was waiting for this move from Shawn Thornton after Horton was taken off the ice on a stretcher…As Thornton stared down the Vancouver bench

The Bruins, rallied and played a complete game after Horton was taken off the ice. Goals from Ference (3), Recchi (4), Marchand (7), Krejci (11), Paille (3), Recchi (5), Kelly (5), and Ryder (6) earned the Bruins an 8-1, game three victory over the Canucks.

This game had everything, game misconducts, fights, Tim Thomas throwing checks, every Bruins player trying to get the Cauncks to bite their fingers.

It was the Big Bad Bruins all night long, and they scared the bejesus out of Vancouver.

Also, like I said from the beginning. If you light-up Luongo one time you get in his head. Well what do you think is going through his head after he gave up and eight spot in the Cup finals. To makes matters worse, the final three goals game on three consecutive shots.

If you thought game three was exciting, well just wait till game four. The water is boiling and about to spill over the top of the pot, lets just wait and see what happenes Wednesday night. Lets see if the B’s can keep the momentum or if this was just a one night stand.


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