Tim Thomas Five-Hole; Goal Count

As I said before I am going to keep a list of all the goals I have counted this year in which Bruins goalie Tim Thomas gave up through the five-hole. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and starting with Dec. 27 game vs. Florida.

Tim Five-hole Thomas

*36 GA since Dec. 27

Dec. 27 @ Florida
-Thomas gave up a five-hole goal to Domonic Moore who scored from behind the goal line.

Jan 1. vs. Philadelphia
-Thomas gave up a five-hole goal to Danny Syvert when Thomas cross-checked a Flyer player infront of the net while the shot was headed toward goal.

Jan 10 vs. New York Rangers
-Two of the three goals Thomas gave up went through the wickets

Jan 16 @ Los Angeles Kings
-Goal 2 and the two shootout goals

Jan 18 vs. Ottawa
-First goal of the game by Alexi Kovalev

Jan 30 vs. Los Angeles Kings
-First goal of game, tip-in by Dustin Brown

Feb 2 vs. Washington
-Second goal of game, it looked like a goal scored in 1975.

March 6 @ NY Islanders
-Islanders first goal of the game.


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